Rodley: Historic boundary stone is damaged

rodley boundary stone damaged
Rodley boundary stone damaged Photo: Mark Stevenson

Over the weekend this 156-year-old boundary stone in Rodley has been damaged, writes Mark Stevenson.

It stands (now lays) at the junction of Rodley Lane and Coal Hill Lane.

rodley boundary stone damaged 1
How Rodley’s boundary stone should look, Photo: Mark Stevenson

The inscription on the front that is not visible at the moment reads – SST TDC 1862 which stands for Parish of Stanningley St Thomas in the Deanery of Calverley.

rodley boundary stone damaged 2
Damaged: The stone as it is now. Photo: Mark Stevenson

This is part of Rodley’s history and hopefully the council will be able to stand it back in its original position.


  1. Who did this? Because the grass looks recently cut could it have been the contractors that cut the grass for the Council? If so surely they should be responsible for all costs in replacing the stone in its original setting.

    Either way it needs doing urgently before somebody takes it away!


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