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Mark’s History: The 400-year-old graves next to the Unicorn Pub

Words & Photos: Mark Stevenson

I took these pics a few years ago. They are in the disused graveyard at the side of the Unicorn Pub in Bramley Village.

The graveyard was once part of St Margaret’s Church, which I think once that stood nearby. The gravestones date from the 1700s.

Georgian gravestones in Bramley.

One in particular stands out and that is the grave of Joseph Shires, who died aged 36. In 1762 he was buried alongside four of his children.

The resting place of John Wider and his son, which dates back to the 1750s. Photo: Mark Stevenson

It makes me wonder did they all die at the same time and how many children was his wife left to bring up on her own or had she lost them all?

Both ‘DH’ and IJ’ died 4 July 1736, according to this gravestone. Photo: Mark Stevenson

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  1. joseph shires born 1736 passed away 1762
    isabel passed 25 january 1758 born 19 november 1753 age 5 fever
    andrew passed 23 september 1761 born16 december 1759 age 3 small pox
    james passed 16 september 1761 born 21 december 1755 age 6 small pox
    joseph passed 8 september 1762 born 30 march 1752 age 10 fever
    as for the mother i will keep looking


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