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West Leeds planning applications: 31 October 2021

Each week we publish a list of planning applications related to council wards in West Leeds.

The following applications were published on the Leeds City Council website in the past seven days:

Armley Ward

  • One digital advertisement board, 238-238A Tong Road, Leeds LS12 3BG.
  • One steel container in fenced compound on existing concrete base, 1 Town End Close, Bramley, Leeds LS13 2AF.

Bramley & Stanningley Ward

Calverley & Farsley Ward

Farnley & Wortley Ward

Kirkstall Ward

Pudsey Ward


  1. Bramley dentist application

    I presume that this relates to the ‘My Dentist’ Group wanting to relocate and merge their practices on Broad Lane (opposite ex Globe pub), and Stanningley Rd (near ambulance station), and move to Bramley Centre.

    In the recent past, as a patient, I received an email requesting my thoughts on such a move. Having said that, I know quite a lot of other patients were not actually consulted. I have not heard anything since, such as what the outcome of the poll/survey was.

    Unfortunately, I do not seem to be able to download the application. Are Units 6 – 9 behind the bus ‘station’, where Bright House used to be?

  2. Bramley – Mobile mast, St Catherine’s

    Again, I cannot seem to download the application, although I’m not sure I really want to peruse 24 pages of documents.

    I presume that this is for the replacement of a mobile phone mast. If there are any objections to this, I envisage a situation where the applicant uses that fact, that it is a replacement, and not a NEW installation. However, the difference being that the replacement would be 5 metres/16 feet taller, which is pretty significant, on what is a tall structure in the first place (50ft).

    In the recent past, I note that a similar request, over on the Ganners, was knocked back, for being too intrusive and a blot on the landscape. Is this anything to do with that rejection, and could the same reasoning not be applied?


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