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Mark’s History: Quarry Bank and the Irwin family business

Words: Mark Stevenson

Quarry Bank, on Quarry Bank Court, was once in Hawksworth Wood – which was once owned by Lord Cardigan. I’m not sure of the exact date it was built, but it is on the 1880’s map. It may have got its name from the quarries that were close by. 

From at least 1891 to 1911 a builder called William Irwin lived there. William’s father, George, had come from Ireland and by 1864 had his own building business.

In 1872 William was living at Bingley Street in Burley and, along with his brother Thomas, joined the family business.

In 1876 the family business was known as William and Thomas Irwin, bricklayers and builders of Kirkstall Road. In 1882 the firm was an unlimited company called William Irwin & Co builders and contractors, with premises at 2-4 Burley Road. William was now in charge of the family business.

George Irwin was living at 312 Burley Road when he died in 1903. William was now the Chairman and Managing Director of the Company (now called William Irwin & Co Ltd) a position he held until his death in 1926. Is the company still around today?

In 1939 Fanny Beevers was living at Quarry Bank with her daughter Doris. Doris aged 41 and single was a Saleswoman Chocolate & Cocoa Manufacture. There was a George Beevers who was a Confectioner at 129-131 Market Hall Bradford. Could he have been who Doris worked for? 


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