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Mark’s History: Photos of life in 1960s West Leeds

Do you recognise yourself or anyone in these photos or the location that they might have been taken in? writes Mark Stevenson.

Paul Haywood (who took the photos) went for an innocent and ignorant “arty farty” walk with his mate to capture some social realism around Leeds in the mid-60s. 

The problem is he can’t remember the exact location. He thinks it may be the West Leeds area. 

Paul Haywood captured 1960s life – is this in Burley?
The cobbled streets of what may be somewhere in Burley. Photo: Paul Haywood
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I reckon the first two photos are from around the Burley area but as for these last two I am not sure.

Life in the sixties somwhere in West Leeds – but where? Photo: Paul Haywood
Family life. Paul Haywood

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  1. The steps look to me like Ganton steps, off Johnson Street, Woodhouse. Used to play on them as a child.

  2. The top 2 photos are definite Burley Road the steps went from Roseville Road to
    Burley Road played on them as a small child


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