Mark’s History: Photos capture flood defence work at site once known as ‘Lower Daniel Ings’

Kirkstall road flood defences 4
Flood defence work. Photo: Mark Stevenson

Words and Photos: Mark Stevenson

You may have noticed over the last few weeks ‘tipper trucks’ going up and down Kirkstall Road. They go up full and come back empty.

It is not very noticeable from the road but they are part of the new flood defence scheme to help prevent flooding that is going on along the River Aire at various points. 

These photographs were taken of the defence work that is happening at the back of the UK Border Agency on Kirkstall Road.

In the 1840’s this area called Lower Daniel Ings (Ings is an old word of Norse origin referring to water meadows and marshes) was owned by the Earl of Cardigan, who leased it to Sir Sandford Graham Baronet. The occupier was John Howard.

The land doesn’t seem to have had much built on it over the years but around about 1900 to 1920 there was a Rope Walk roughly where the pylons are now.

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