Mark’s History: Latest photos show demolition of landmark gasometer at Armley Gyratory

armley gasometer 3
The landmark gasometer at Armley Gyratry is being demolished. Photo: Mark Stevenson

Words and photographs: Mark Stevenson

This old gasometer at Armley Gyratory is being demolished, as you can see.

I have passed it a few times, but nothing much seemed to be happening (although I’m sure it was). I noticed that work had moved on at the weekend, so I went down today to get these photographs before it disappeared.

It has been there since about the 1950’s and this area once played a large part in the Gas Industry for Leeds. There was even a riot here at one point when the Gas Workers went on strike.

I featured more on the site’s history here, WLD featured some photos from the site last month, and reader Michael Meadowcroft wrote a few weeks ago about the infamous strike of 1890.

Work expected to finish on the site next February.


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