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Mark’s History: Kirkstall’s old police station

Kirkstall Police Station was at the junction of Abbey Road and Commercial Road on the site of the old Kirkstall, Otley and Shipley Trust Turnpike Toll/Chain Bar, writes Mark Stevenson.

It was opened around 1857 and the new police force at first rented the property but was able to buy it in 1871 for £1,000.

A lot of bodies would be found in the nearby river and canal, so it was decided to add a mortuary in 1903.

Kirkstall Police Station
The former Kirkstall Police Station
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In 1923 the Police Box System was introduced (Doctor Who’s Tardis to many) and in 1935 Kirkstall Police Station was to close.

It re-opened during the war and for a short time in 1947.

If you go to the Abbey Road junction today you will see a garden with a drinking fountain (the Drink and Be Grateful Fountain) – this is where the station was.

A little further up and you can see what little remains of the Library that was attached to the Police Station.

former kirkstall library
This building used to be a library in days gone by. Photo: Mark Stevenson
inside kirkstall library
Inside the derelict Kirkstall Library. Photo: Mark Stevenson


    • Agree with you, Clive – thought it active in 50s. (Left the Kirkstall area in 1954) They really should do more for the site.

      • It’s up for auction soon, along with the mill buildings at the other end. It’s been completely empty since my Dad retired in 1985.

  1. The building that was a library shown above and the section behind the billboards to the right of it, was my dads builders yard from at least 1972 (when I was 4) until around 1985 when he had to retire due to ill health.
    His company was called McNeill Brothers. (Martin McNeill)
    I have some great memories as a little boy in there.
    Upsetting to see it still in a state of disrepair.


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