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Mark’s History: How a horse’s legs helped recreate Charlie Cake Park’s past

Words & Photos: Mark Stevenson

I was on a walkabout around the Armley area when I noticed Lucy’s legs. They got my attention so much I went and introduced myself.

Lucy’s friend told me they had walked from Seacroft the day before and had just been resting up on their way to Bradford.

I asked Lucy’s friend if I could take a photo or two of them both, to which she agreed.

I was speaking to Lucy’s friend (Lucy is the horse in the photos) and her husband and they told me they were English gypsies and that her partner had built the ‘caravan’ that they live in.

I asked them if they knew the tale of Charlie Cake (the park just over the road from where they were resting in Armley is named a local peddler who used to rest his horse up in the area, just like they were doing with Lucy). He also used to sell cakes – read the full story here.



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