Mark’s History: From Wyther Park Road to being Admiral of the Fleet

wyther park road marks history
Photo: Mark Stevenson

Harold Fieldhouse had one job as Secretary of the National Assistance Board, writes Mark Stevenson.

That was to make sure that the National Assistance Act 1948, National Insurance Act 1946 and National Insurance (Industrial Injuries) Act 1946 went through Parliament without a hitch.

He managed to do this successfully, by some might say, using the education he had received as a pupil at West Leeds High School in Armley.

west leeds high school
The former West Leeds High

Harold was born in 1892 in Bramley. He was to die in 1991 as Sir Harold Fieldhouse KBE, just one year before his son, John David Elliott Fieldhouse, died in 1992.

John was born in 1928 and with his family lived at 32 Wyther Park Road, Bramley.

He joined the Navy as a Cadet in 1941 and did not leave until 1988.

While he was in the Navy he was to command in 1964 HMS Dreadnought, the Royal Navy’s first nuclear submarine.

He liked his submarines and served in the Submarine Service until 1966. By 1978 he was a Vice Admiral and a year later became Controller of the Navy.

He was appointed Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath in the 1980 New Year Honours.

Considering that was the only Commander in Chief since World War ll to have won a victory against a well-equipped enemy very little is mentioned of him.

Admiral of the Fleet, the Lord Fieldhouse of Gosport John David Elliott Fieldhouse GCB, GBE 1928-1992.  



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