Mark’s History: Curious case of the Farsley street spelling

mh Rose Mount Villas, Rose Mount Terrace and Ada Terrace
Photo: Mark Stevenson

I have spent a lot of time over the years trying to figure this one out – and it was not until this week that I noticed someone had made what looks to be a spelling mistake, and for once it was not me, writes Mark Stevenson.

I say spelling mistake but I could just as easily be missing something.

If you walk down Bagley Lane from the direction of the Fleece Pub in Farsley you will come across some Victorian terraced houses.

The street name carved in stone on the first of these houses reads ‘SIR WELFRED’S TERRACE ERECTED 1883’.

But on the Ordnance Survey map of 1889, it reads ‘Sir Wilfred’s Terrace’ and on the 1911 census record it says ‘Bagley Lane / Sir Wilfred’s Terrace’. Does anyone know which is the correct spelling?

If you carry on walking down Bagley Lane at the junction of Oaklands Road you will see some more old terraced houses.

You will notice a kind of timeline as to when they were built.

In the space of around ten houses, there are three carved street name signs ranging from 1902-07. None of these names appear on the maps. #

But they do appear on the 1911 census. Rose Mount Villas, Rose Mount Terrace and Ada Terrace.


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