Revealed: The West Leeds roads that may receive pothole treatment

Leeds pothole
Leeds pothole

Leeds City Council has been awarded a grant worth £541,847 for use this financial year from the Government’s Pothole Action Fund – and several West Leeds roads have been identified for repair, writes Keely Bannister.

As the council already have a fund set aside for potholes that require quick attention, a decision – which is currently being consulted on – has been taken to focus this money on pothole prevention on roads that meet the following criteria:

  • have extensive pothole repairs which if left untreated will lead to further potholes or;   
  • are starting to rut, crack and craze and will pothole in the near future or;  
  • locations that have suffered extensive damage as a result of the severe weather or; 
  • major junctions which cannot be treated with preventative treatments and have therefore suffered greater deterioration.

17 roads have been identified and are currently being consulted on with the following 5 located in West Leeds:

Stanningley RoadCockshot Lane to Henconner LaneArmley
Bagley Lane, RodleyAt Junction of Chiltern CourtCalverley & Farsley
Bradford Road, StanningleyAt Junction of Viaduct StreetCalverley & Farsley
Tong RoadJunction of Silver Royd HillFarnley & Wortley
B6154 Waterloo RoadMount Tabor Street JunctionPudsey

This financial year’s funding of £541,847 is a significant reduction on the 2018/19 allocation of £4.5 million, meaning that every ward cannot have work done. 

Last year the money was focused on the local road network. This year the money will be focused on classified roads which are more significant parts of the highway system

If agreed through the consultation process, the money will be spent on £483,791 works costs and £58,056 fees.

Martin Farrington, the Director of City Development, will make the final decision on the 27th September. There will then be a period until the 4th October where councillors can “call-in” the decision and have it looked at by the relevant scrutiny board. If this option of a call-in is not exercised, the decision becomes effective on the 5th October.

You can view the full report and all the relevant information here.


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