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Letter: Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves marks 10th anniversary of election

I was honoured to be elected as the Member of Parliament for Leeds West ten years ago today. 

These are intensely challenging times for everyone and I remain just as committed to doing my best for my constituents in these difficult days as I was in May 2010. 

From campaigning to improve the conditions in high-rise flats to fighting for flood defences in Kirkstall, and from campaigning for better public transport to working for restrictions on the sale of alcohol on Armley Town Street, I have always sought to do what is best for our community.

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We have some fantastic charities in Leeds West and I have been proud to support and work with them over the years.

They include Armley Helping Hands, BARCA, Bramley Elderly Action, Hawksworth Older People’s Support (HOPS), the Leeds North and West Foodbank and the Kirkstall Valley Development Trust to name a few.

I have also met some brilliant and inspiring people who work so hard for our communities every day, and I am continually impressed by them.

But the most rewarding part of being an MP has been working for my constituents each day for ten years. Every day, people contact me with a wide range of concerns, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to help them.

On the tenth anniversary of my election, I am also pleased to be back in the Shadow Cabinet, especially at this crucial time for our country,.

It is the stories of care home staff, NHS employees and other key workers in Leeds West that motivate me to continue pushing the Government to provide sufficient PPE.

I look forward to what the next ten years will bring for myself and my constituents – hopefully a Labour Government!

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  1. Well done Rachel I did not think it was 10 years ago, keep up the good work in Parliament and at home.
    Best wishes.


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