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New pedestrian measures earmarked for Wickes roundabout

Council chiefs have given the green light for a new informal measures to help pedestrians crossing near the busy Wickes roundabout on the Ring Road.

The proposals are part of a £390,000 city-wide package of crossing improvements approved by Leeds City Council this week.

A council report says it would be difficult to introduce a formal crossing over the two lane dual carriageway leading to Stanningley Bypass, but has proposed informal measures, including dropped kerbs. The report adds:

“It would be difficult to recommend a formal pedestrian crossing due to safety concerns, specifically inadequate forward visibility for approaching vehicles of any traffic signals, due to the road geometry. Any formal provision would require significant alteration to the highway alignment, at prohibitive cost.

“In light of the need to better cater for the pedestrian crossing desire line, is therefore recommended to introduce informal dropped crossing facilities to the north-west of the bus stop lay-bys with a footway link on the southeastern side of the carriageway to other existing footway provision.”

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It is one of 15 proposed schemes across the city, but the only one in West Leeds. Others include Spen Lane, between Old Oak Drive and Queenswood Drive, and carriageway widening and a refuge on the A6120 Broadway, in Horsforth, near the junction with Stanhope Drive.


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