Letter: Concern over Rodley and Calverley bus service

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I’m very concerned to have received an update regarding removal of the 670 bus service through Rodley and Calverley and on to Bradford.

This will be replaced by a new service that retains the link to Leeds, but only goes as far as Greengates, removing any direct access to Bradford for these communities.

I will be strongly objecting to this as I know this route is important to many who work in Bradford, as well as people who access Bradford for shopping and entertainment.

To help strengthen my argument I would very much appreciate hearing from any residents who will be affected by the removal of this service.

If you currently make use of the 670 service, please could you let me know by e-mail on peter.carlill@leeds.gov.uk

The service will be withdrawn and partially replaced between Leeds and Greengates by new service 35 and between Thorpe Edge and Bradford by new First service 671.

– Cllr Peter Carlill, (lab, Calverley and Farsley)


  1. I Use the 670 to go to Leeds city centre from Bradford, and it would be a huge inconvenience to me if this bus was to be removed, having gotten on the bus many times i know it’s gets busy therefore I’m sure many others would agree !


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