Wortley: Car park bid to ease Leeds United parking problems


A new car park for Leeds United supporters could help alleviate problems with matchday parking in Wortley, it’s been claimed.

Residents living in parts of Wortley have suffered with matchday problems with traffic congestion, roads blocked by parked cars and blocked driveways for many years.

Matt Gibson farnley and wortley
Cllr Matt Gibson

Cllr Matt Gibson (Lab, Farnley and Wortley) said he has lobbied Leeds City Council over residents-only parking zones and lowering the price of council car parks near Elland Road without success so far. He has now looked beyond the council for a solution.

In a letter to residents Cllr Gibson said he has successfully approached local company The Big Word on Royds Lane, off Whitehall Road, to open their car park, which accommodates about 80 cars.

Fans will be charged £3 to park there. The same company also owns The Brain-Works on Royds Close and could expand the scheme there if it proves successful.

Cllr Gibson added:

“I’ve talked to another local firm about doing something similar to help alleviate this problem and have had a positive response do far.

“Irrespective of whether this particular project is successful or not, I know how serious this problem is and won’t rest until I find a solution.”

The new car park will open on October 24 when Leeds entertain Ipswich Town. Cllr Gibson is writing to Leeds United to ask of the club will provide an incentive for fans to park there, such as money off merchandise or food.

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  1. Years ago parking was only allowed on one side of Whitehall Road, why not do the same now to avoid traffic to back up due to cars not able to pass each other (from around Dragon Bridge area to Geldard Road roundabout)

  2. I am a resident of Highfield Close. I accept to a degree the inconvenience on home match days caused by drivers attending the match but the volume of vehicles and double parking on the grass verges in this cul de sac are getting worse. I was unable to get my car out of my drive last week due to inconsiderate and unsafe parking, tonight’s game my neighbour is blocked in and I again have someone on the verge / pavement now hindering pedestrians and my access . There was talk of permits. Has this fallen by the wayside? Does it need an accident to get any action?


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