Leeds local election 2018: Who to vote for in West Leeds

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West Leeds residents will be going to the polls tomorrow (Thursday) to cast their votes at the Leeds CIty Council local elections 2018. But who should you vote for as your next councillors?

Three votes, not one

The major difference is that you will be able to vote for three councillors. This is because Leeds City Council has recently been through a ward boundary review and some ward boundaries have changed. There have always been three councillors per ward, but in past elections you’ve only needed to vote for one at a time.


You can only vote for one candidate once – you won’t be able to give two or three votes to one candidate. If you choose to you can opt to vote for only one or two candidates

Who should I vote for?

The West Leeds Dispatch approached every candidate from every ward to supply 250 words on why they should be elected. Follo0w these links to their responses:


Bramley & Stanningley

Calverley & Farsley

Farnley and Wortley



How are the winners decided?

All the votes for each candidate will be counted up and the three candidates with the most votes will be elected to represent their ward. However, the length of term awarded to each winning candidate will vary dependent on their position. Read more here.

Unsure of where to vote? Check for your nearest polling station here.


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