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Kirkstall: Community hub has become a Covid 19 support centre

Kirkstall Valley Development Trust’s community hub – known locally as Unit 11 – has recently transformed into a Covid 19 support centre, writes Ramona Green.

It’s helping those Kirkstall residents who are either vulnerable, elderly, living in poverty, or a combination of some of the above.  

Volunteers at Unit 11 are good at a lot of things but their main strength is that of helping others and caring for people. 

There has been no better time to show just how much that is needed.

Food has been sourced from a number of different charities, groups and individuals. 

This is then either made up into food parcels for delivery, there at Unit 11 for local people to call in and pick up (while maintaining social distancing guidelines at all times) or given over to a local food bank to also distribute.  

Life Church Kirkstall, We Care Leeds, St Georges Crypt, Hidden Homeless Leeds, Food Revival, Salvation Army Leeds, three Co-Op stores and Casper Branger are just some of those who have helped and donated food to KVDT Unit 11 for them to then hand out to others.

Just as all the volunteers there appreciate it, so do all the people who end up with supplies that will help to feed them and their families.

Horsforth Rotary Club had an Easter Egg Hunt planned for this weekend but sadly, due to this pandemic, that can no longer go ahead.  The easter eggs, however, did not go to waste. They were donated to the Hidden Homeless Outreach, who then gave Unit 11 some to hand out to families with children. 

Just a little something to make their Easter more like the Easters they are used to having.

 As reported earlier this week,  KVDT are working with Leeds City Council and Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL), among others. 

There has been a phenomenal amount of kind, amazing people who have offered to and are now helping KVDT to support their local community. 

If you still wish to volunteer, it’s never too late, just visit VAL’s website or e-mail or call on 0113 2977920 to apply to be a local volunteer/helper.

If you or anyone you know is struggling at the moment to buy food or to get out to buy any, please call 0113 378 1877 and if you live in the Kirkstall Ward you will be put in touch with KVDT Unit 11, who will help you.

They can only deliver to the Kirkstall Ward area but others can call into Unit 11 too. It’s all on a pay-as-you-can basis.


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