Home Tourist: Ending my Armley Park virginity (that’s not how it sounds…)


Short of ideas on where to go this summer? In the fourth in a series of occasional features, we’re highlighting the ‘best of the west’ (west Leeds)  – and encouraging people to check out some of the stuff they never realised is on their doorstep. Here, our #hometourist Erik R Selby from Pudsey takes a trip to Armley Park …

I’ve lived in west Leeds all my (ahem … forty something) years and travelled down Stanningley Road past  Armley Park on countless occasions. But until this week I’d never actually set foot in it. Determined to end my Armley Park ‘virginity’ I got off the bus with my son – and was pleasantly surprised.

Here are four reasons Armley Park is a real gem:

armley park killer stairs
Scenes from The Exorcist were filmed here, y’know. Cue Tubular Bells … Photo: West Leeds Dispatch
  1. Armley Park’s 161 killer stairs

It’s a fitness craze that’s gaining momentum, but each week dozens of people are tackling the 161 killer stairs down into the woodland area at the back of the park. Do you fancy running up and down these steps?

armley park 2

2. Wooded area

There’s a really nice wooded area that leads down to the Leeds Liverpool Canal hidden away at the back of the park. I mean, who knew this was here? Quiet woodland walks in the inner city …

armley park 33. It’s actually beautiful

Green trees, open space and some interesting architectural gems …

armley park 4

4. It’s fun!

Acres of open space for picnics (Gotts Park is next door), a decent playground, tennis courts, bowling green, skate park, woodland walks – even an outdoor table tennis table! It’s all here.

armley park 6

Add in the great history attached to the area (esoecially famous Armley industrialist Benjamin Gott, and you’ve actually got a really pleasant afternoon. I’m glad to have ‘popped by Armley park cherry’, if you get my drift…

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