Hear The Vultures’ Song at Armley’s Interplay Theatre

interplay armley vultures song
Photo: Lizzie Coombes

The Vultures’ Song by Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah is visiting The Mission Hall at Interplay Theatre, writes Harriet Meeuwissen-True.

The Vultures’ Song is a play that follows a young girl’s journey to safety as she experiences the consequences of a land divided.

A comical committee of inquisitive vultures narrate the story, poking fun whilst they loiter, waiting to clean up.

Join a determined and brave young girl on her epic and transformative journey. Along the way we meet her protective older sister, friendly neighbours who risk their own safety to help, people exploiting the situation for their own gain and other children who, unlike our central character, have benefited from the changes in their country.

The play runs on Thursday 18th October 2018 at Interplay Theatre in Armley Ridge Road.

Tickets from £5. Concession rate tickets are available for anyone living in the LS12 postcode.

Book your tickets here.


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