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‘Give us a reliable service first’ – Six things you said about Oyster card system for Leeds

West Leeds Dispatch readers have given a mixed response to plans for a new mobile phone app or London-style “Oyster card” system being introduced in Leeds.

As reported earlier today, they are two of the items on the wishlist of Leeds City Council’s leader James Lewis, as the latest phase of the city’s long-term transport plans were announced.

But WLD readers have been debating the ideas on our social media channels.

Donna Clement said:

“Cheaper, faster, frequent buses and more carriages on the trains would be a better move to be honest. No way am I ditching my car for a cramped journey that takes three times as long and costs far more – especially when the bus might not even turn up or is an hour between services.”

Ali Ward was more welcoming of the idea. She added:

“It will be positive as it means you can get a mixture of different buses so a day rider would be a day rider if you got different companies. However, the whole of the transport system needs overhauling and improving first.”

Liam Marriott said: “Building a viable mass transit system is the way forward, but Boris is obsessed with HS2 and cutting 30 minutes off a trip to London.”

Lesley Lavery added: “Errr no as an Oyster Card isn’t going to make the buses actually turn up is it?”

Ryan Guest was cynical about the need for Oyster cards. He said:

“Given most people have contactless on their phones and cards this is absolutely pointless.”

And Ben Pollinger added:

“As it stands, on many routes at busy times, I would hesitate to use the bus even if it was free. Oyster card or fully transferable day tickets would help in some cases, but priorities should be reliability, journey times, peak time capacity and fares.”

A document published by council officers this week has outlined plans for the next decade aimed at getting more people to use public transport, and to turn Leeds into a city where “nobody needs a car” – including the Oyster card proposal and bringing bus services in West Yorkshire back into public control.

What do you think? Have your say in the comments section below.

West Leeds Dispatch Sun, 11 Dec 2016, 20:32 to me


  1. As a Calverley resident who regularly uses the bus to get into Leeds I agree priority should be providing a reliable bus service. Also what about a regular frequent bus service between Calverley, Farsley, Horsforth and Pudsey. What about a bus to train station service – currently only form of transport from Calverley to Apperley Bridge or Pudsey station is on foot or by car. Not a joined up public transport system.

  2. Improvement to bus services:
    Bring back Conductors – this would:
    Speed up bus journeys
    Ensure regularity of service
    Require less rolling stock because more journeys could be made with fewer vehicles
    Prevent delays for other road users when buses are being loaded
    Increase security for bus crews


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