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Farnley footpath diversion ‘would allow housing development to go ahead’

A public footpath in New Farnley is set to be diverted to allow a controversial new housing estate to be built.

Planning permission has been granted for a housing estate of 114 homes in a field off Whitehall Road last year – and Leeds Council chiefs have advertised a short diversion for a footpath.

A report authorising the council to advertise the proposed change said:

“If the Diversion Order is not made the development would not be able to go ahead. Consideration was given to providing the footpath through the greenspace rather than alongside it, but this was rejected as the greenspace would have been reduced by the provision of a surfaced footpath. This diversion is closer to the original line of the footpath.”

The path diversion order will be put out to public consultation, when local residents could object to the proposal, with the order potentially going before the Secretary of State and a public inquiry.

Documents surrounding the council’s decision can be read in full here.

The housing proposals by Redrow were approved a year ago, despite local opposition.

West Leeds Dispatch 11 Dec 2016, 20:32 to me


  1. Leeds city council want us to go green but they are given priotic to private houdeing developments in New Farnley and on the ring road not green also why are they not building council houses instead of letting private developments instead of council with so many people on the counil waiting list . Not green bit red.


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