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Comment: Stanningley Bottom – the worst junction in Leeds?

WLD reader Darren Bullough today sent us these photos of the junction at Stanningley Bottom, asking the question: Is this the worst junction in Leeds?

In January Leeds City Council were accused of ‘steadfastly doing nothing’ with a local councillor left “disgusted” at an apparent lack of action to repair and improve Stanningley Bottom.

The council’s outer west community committee – which consists of Conservative, Green and Labour councillors – agreed on the need for action at the junction last summer.

They said the junction needed a £100,000 scheme including full road resurfacing plus additional road markings and crossing enhancements. 

Those calls were echoed a month later by Labour councillors on the inner west community committee, with highways engineers agreeing to take on board councillors’ comments about the junction and look into the issues and report back.

But nothing more has been heard on the issue since then.

WLD understands proposals for improvements are being drawn up by the council, with plans set to emerge shortly.

WLD has featured the issues surrounding Stanningley Bottom since they were first raised by residents and motorists in 2016.

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  1. The junction is a disgrace and has been 3 months after it was initially laid down. There is no clear right of way markings and it is potentially a death trap. There have been several minor road traffic accidents and it won’t be long before a fatality. The roundels are no longer visible so the traffic on the main Stanningley Road treat it as though they have right of way and cross, sometimes at speed. It is now being treated as a ‘T’ juntion rather than a roundabout. The 20mph restriction is ignored. The 2 crossings either side on the junction are also ignored by drivers. They are too close to the junction so if a car stops it then blocks all the traffic coming down Richardshaw Lane.

  2. It’s appalling, and a danger to all who use it as these photos show. The council’s inaction over this Junktion – and the ineptitude shown over the years – is inexcusable

  3. The pavements and pathways are horrendous in Pudsey after last week’s deluge of snowfall. No Gritters in Pudsey whatsoever? I got stuck on what looked like an ice rink just outside Greggs bakers. Some of the concrete slabs near the Santander Bank are loose as well? Pudsey is a forgotten town as far as Leeds City Council are concerned!

  4. I see Pudsey was mentioned on BBC1 HD this morning at 10am on Crimewatch UK? West Yorkshire Police are looking for two men who started fighting inside the Bogangles Bar just before Christmas.

  5. They can’t sort out a main traffic black spot for accidents at Stanningley bottom. But they can spend £25,000 putting a minuscule garden and bench on a corrner by Pudsey parish church.
    When is the council going to get there priorities right
    Life and limbs before a few plants.
    The park is 2 minutes down the road.
    The junction is a nightmare for drivers and pedestrians.
    Too much politics and not enough action in my view.

  6. Terrible junction – feel anxious every time I use it on a bike or in a car. Have been beeped at for not moving fast enough, beeped at for going and nearly causing an accident. No idea who has right of way.

  7. I avoid this junction whenever possible, there is poor visibility and 2 silly little roundabouts too close together. No thought to effects on traffic either when this was planned and then laid the roads in Leeds in general are getting worse by poor planning

  8. I think it’s fine. The lack of markings means most people approach cautiously. No evidence to say it is more dangerous. People don’t like it because it feels different.

    Regularly cycle over it too at peak times.

    More of this please, not less.

  9. Very bad junction yes.
    But LCC need to look at the combined junctions of Wyther Lane, Broad Lane, Leeds & Bradford Road & Bridge Road.
    Already overloaded and soon to be further overburdened by the development of 200 dwellings on Kirkstall Lane.

  10. Stanningley bottom needs putting back to how it used to be with just the centre island on Richardshaw Lane and put leeds to Bradford Road back to one straight road no roundabouts they are the cause of all accidents as no one knows nowadays who has the right away. People don’t understand you give the right away to traffic from the right so everyone just goes for it and this is when accidents happen.

  11. Is there any evidence to say its more dangerous? in my experience everyone approaches it very cautiously and that’s a good thing

  12. How much did the original work cost?
    Who was responsible for the original design ?
    Are they still working for the citizens of Leeds?


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