Comment: Pudsey’s golden joy at bloom awards is richly deserved


It’s taken many years to get this far and more hours of hard work from volunteers than anyone cares to count – but at last Pudsey has won a gold award at the annual Yorkshire in Bloom awards, writes Dispatch editor John Baron.

It’s an award that’s richly deserved for Pudsey. Their small band of volunteers freely give up hours of their time and go that extra mile to make the town look, well, ‘blooming’ lovely.


It’s not just about flowers and hanging baskets. The very nature of Yorkshire in Bloom encourages and develops community spirit and civic pride whilst promoting responsibility for planting, cleanliness and maintenance.

This year the team haven’t only had to they’ve had to deal with a spate of vandalism which often saw vandals target their work, pull out flowers and trash planters. Despite these setbacks the volunteers’ work has won through and been recognised.

Well done Pudsey!

We’ll be looking at the other ‘in bloom’ efforts from West Leeds, including Kirkstall, at a future date.






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