Burley: Former dance school will become wargames club HQ

leeds wargames club

A dance centre in Burley will become a hub for table top war games and board games after Leeds City Council approved the plans.

Leeds WarGames Club had submitted a planning application to Leeds City Council to change the use of the Edmond Dance Centre in Bankfield Terrace to an indoor recreation centre.

The wargames club was originally formed in the early 1970s, but according to applicant Andy Dickinson the club was left the bulk of a member’s estate in their will back in 2018, with the wish that the club find a new, permanent home.

Mr Dickinson said the venue would allow the club, which is currently based in Headingley with a membership of 26, to put on bigger games which stretch over weeks.

The centre will open between 10am and 10.30pm daily.

Approving the proposals, a council planning officer’s report said:

“This will allow the members of the club to have a permanent base for their
hobby, which involves the players controlling miniature troops / armies and re-enacting battles from different historical periods or fantasy / science fiction realms.”

Leeds Wargames Club runs FIASCO, a gaming convention with a wide selection of both traders and games from around the country, every year at The Royal Armouries. 

The club’s plans can be viewed in full here.


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