Bramley’s ‘alright’, say shoppers – but ‘more shops needed’

bramley shopping centre
Improvements: Bramley Shopping Centre. Photo: Raodot Olayiwola

By Raodot Olayiwola

“Bramley is a good place to live, but we need more independent shops” – this was the reply we got after asking people at Bramley Shopping Centre what they felt about the area. 

WLD reported last month how a public debate hosted by Bramley Elderly Action saw many older residents voice their frustrations over the lack of independent shops and provision for young people.

But when WLD‘s Raodot Olayiwola took to Bramley Shopping Centre to ask shoppers what they thought, the reaction from most people tended to range from neutral and positive, as they felt Bramley was ‘alright’.

bramley shopping centre
Bramley Shopping Centre. Photo: Google

One shopper, Elaine McCoy, said: “I feel safe on a daytime here, it’s different on an evening, but I like coming here, particularly now we’ve got our benches back and we can sit and have a natter.

“Bramley needs more of the basics – a butcher, a baker – a candlestick maker!”

Another shopper, Mrs Kirk, said that she likes the town area, but the shopping centre could use some improvement. She said: “I find the town alright, but we could use some shops, there’s not enough shops.”

She felt that the shopping centre could be improved and there should be more retail options, especially clothes shops. 

The need for more shops was a shared concern among other people, who felt that the centre could use some ‘decent’ and less expensive shops. 

Shopper Carol had more concerns about the shopping centre. She agreed that there aren’t enough shops in the centre and that the shops are always shutting down. She also called for the shopping centre to have more facilities for people with disabilities. She added:

“Worst thing is parking; you only get two hours before you’re charged. There are some people with wheelchairs. If there’s a queue in the shops, they’re going to get fined.” 

Another person said that he no longer lives in Bramley because of how much the town has changed. He said: “I grew up in Bramley, it is not as safe as it used to be. If I was younger, maybe I would be able to protect myself better. But I can’t do that anymore.” 

A family who had recently moved to Bramley felt that it was very peaceful, compared to the city where they lived before. Although some people felt that some felt that there are some areas that needed improvement. 

Despite the Bramley area being satisfactory to the people, there are still some concerns from the people about personal safety and development of local facilities. 

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