Bands in the park comes to Bramley Park this weekend

Bramley Park. Photo: Mark Stevenson

The Altofts and Normanton Brass Band will be aiming to make the most of the current heatwave when they performs in Bramley Park this weekend.

The family friendly event will take place in the park on Sunday 30th June, from 2.30pm.

The Altofts and Normanton Brass Band was founded over 140 years ago by a small group of miners at the local Pope and Pearson colliery in Altofts, using the First Aid room as their practice space. Over a century later, the band is still going strong performing in venues across Yorkshire as well as raising money for charity and giving back to communities across the region, including Leeds.

The concert has been funded by councillors Kevin Ritchie, Caroline Gruen and Jools Heselwood.

Councillor Kevin Ritchie (Labour, Bramley and Stanningley) said:

“My ward colleagues and I are delighted to host the Altofts and Normanton Brass Band in Bramley Park this weekend. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the talented performances that will be on display on Sunday. The Altofts and Normanton Brass Band has such a great history within West Yorkshire and it’s a real joy to have them here.”


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