Kirkstall Recycling Centre: Extended hours to help student moving day

kirkstall road recycling centre
kirkstall road recycling centre

Leeds City Council has extended the opening hours for the disposal of trade waste at the Kirkstall Road household waste sorting site this weekend, writes Keely Bannister.

The site – which was recently redeveloped – will have a closing time which has been extended from the usual 12pm until 4pm

In a Facebook post, the Leeds Recycles page announced:

“Are you a landlord or letting agent renting to students? Moving day is this weekend and you may have mattresses or other bulky items that you need to get rid of. Kirkstall HWRC will have extended opening hours 8AM-4PM Saturday and Sunday for the disposal of trade waste to make things easier during this busy period! More info here.”

There have been issues with students’ behaviour in the Burley area before, prompting the Burley Top Community Centre to write an open letter to them in 2017.


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