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A trip down Lantern Lane and can you solve the mystery of this new sign?

Armle Park has a new sign, pointing visitors to Gott’s Park Trails, the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Lantern Lane and the cafe at Gotts mansion, as well as the beautiful Rose Garden in Gotts Park.

Lantern Lane is so named because, at certain times of day many years ago, mill workers could be seen walking to and from Armley Mills, carrying their lanterns to light their way.

Looking into this, it seems access to Lantern Lane is via a narrow ginnel (which you can see in the photo above) running through the golf course, down towards the canal. You can read a 2011 report by Armley resident Jane Zanzoterra detailing the walk over on the Culture Vultures blog.

It sounds a wonderful walk and one worth taking one day.

But Christine Ibbitson contacted WLD to say:

“Just noticed that they have put new signs up on the sports field. But have they got it wrong? I thought Lantern Lane was behind the sign and not in the direction of the arrow, which is pointing towards Redcote Lane?”

Does Christine have a point and has the new sign – presumably installed by the council – got it wrong? Can any of our readers clear up the mystery? Post in the comments below or email us on



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