Yorkshire Building Society to close Farsley Town Street branch


Yorkshire Building Society is planning to close its Farsley Town Street branch in May as part of a national reorganisation.

The company says the proposals will deliver an offering “designed to deliver better long-term value to its 3.3m customers”.

Of the closures nationally 20 will be Yorkshire Building Society branches with the remaining 28 being its Norwich & Peterborough brand.

YBS chief executive Mike Regnier said:

“As a mutual, it is important that we always act in the best long-term interests of our membership and evolve the business in line with their changing needs.

“We believe these proposals give us greater focus on providing existing and future members with the things they want from us most: a safe place for their savings and funding to buy their own home, and providing these in an easy and simple way.”

He said the driving forces behind the proposed branch closures were shifts in market conditions and the growing demand for internet banking. Mr Regnier added:

“We therefore no longer believe it is the right commercial position for us to continue to maintain these 48 branches across the N&P and Yorkshire network.”

The full press release about the closures can be read in full here.

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  1. Disgusting first they take away our only bank NatWest now it’s our only building society how will our older generation cope let alone disabled and everyone else – why must we always end up having to go into Leeds city centre this is so unfair on so many levels !!

  2. Isn’t there sufficient business in Farsley to support them? After the bank closure some moved to Pudsey branch but others transferred to YBS.

  3. I was under the impression that members owned YBS but as a customer of the Farsley branch I have see no sign of any customer consultation. If I am anything like other YBS users… it is a great way to loose customers and account closures.

  4. Really ! This is ridiculous ! Don’t find this to be a good idea at all, how is this supposed to help customers when they haven’t got a branch to go to we have no bank now looks like no building society !! Big mistake !

  5. First of all, our only bank closes. Now our only building society is for the chop.
    Farsley was a thriving village, but it appears that the village is dying. When the bank closed, we were told to go to Pudsey. Why isn’t it time for Pudsey customers to come to Farsley ?
    Try parking in Pudsey. And the bank is at the crossroads of two very busy streets, and I do not see any trace of access for the disabled. Even if my mobility scooter could manage up Richardshaw Lane, and even if the bank staff carried me into the bank, would my scooter still be there when I managed to get out ??
    Y.B.S should reconsider their inane plan regarding closure of their Farsley branch. If they did their market research, they would realise that about 1000 houses are being built, or in the pipeline for future construction.
    Their planning strategy is absolutely bonkers.


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