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Pudsey Post Office petition passes 1,200 mark

25 January 2017

More than 1,200 people have signed a petition to save Pudsey Post Office from closure.

As reported by the Dispatch on Monday, Pudsey resident Rachel Holt only launched her petition over the weekend.

She’s now appealing for more people to sign the petition to persuade bosses to change their mind. She said:

“If the branch was based in a franchise it would become dependent on another business. This would endanger long term postal service provision in Pudsey could lead to current staff losing their jobs.

“The nearest Crown post office if Pudsey closes is Leeds or Bradford town centre, which would have a significant cost, time and accessibility impact for all users, and especially older residents.”

Her campaign came after Post Office Limited announced proposals to close Pudsey Post Office as part of a raft of national cost-cutting measures and replace it with a small counter in another shop or supermarket, on a franchise basis.

The Dispatch understands the Post Office has already started negotiations with potential partners – including a national chain on Lowtown.

The petition can be viewed – and signed – here.

The Dispatch commented on the closure proposal when it was announced.

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Dan says:

I’m sorry, I don’t think I have ever been to Pudsey Post Office, so it may not be my place to comment, but if the Post Office is struggling with costs then it is right to be looking for ways to mitigate those costs.

However it seems to me that the better answer is obvious: rather than have the Post Office go out and look for partners, the community that wants to keep it should come into the Post Office and become their partner: diversify and make better use of the space.

As to the threat, made somewhere on these pages, to vote out the MP, I am moved to wonder why Pudsey voted him in in the first place, since he is part of the crew that sold off the Post Office on the cheap.
Some might say that you reap what you sow.