Will these measures ease traffic pressures in ‘inner’ West Leeds?

Kirkstall traffic lights
Kirkstall traffic congestion - a familiar sight

A raft of proposals to tackle traffic congestion in Armley, Kirkstall and Bramley & Stanningley will be discussed by councillors tomorrow (Wednesday).

Members of the Inner West Community Committee will tomorrow hear about a raft of proposals to improve transport in the area.

Their discussion follows a public consultation into how £173.5m of central government money should improve transport in Leeds following the collapse of the trolleybus initiative last year.

A new transport strategy compiled for the city by the council includes:


  • Potentially doubling the number of car parking spaces at New Pudsey Station, turning it into a park and ride
  • Multi-million pound plans to relieve congestion at Dawsons Corner
  • Install an enclosed cycle hub and connect cycle routes accessing New Pudsey Station from the City Connect Superhighway on the A6147
  • Bus priority measures on the A647. This also includes consideration of Stanningley Road through Stanningley itself, as the principal route served by buses
  • This also includes consideration of Stanningley Road through Stanningley itself, as the principal route served by buses.
  • A new Leeds High Frequency Bus Network – over 90% of core bus services (on main bus corridors) will run every 10 minutes between 7am and 8pm.
  • New or upgraded existing facilities to improve the waiting environment and real time travel information
  • Bus rail link to Leeds Bradford Airport

Councillors on the Inner West Community Committee, which covers Armley, Bramley & Stanningley and Kirkstall wards will discuss the city-wide proposals before they go before the council’s decision-making executive board next month.

Their discussion comes against a backdrop of mounting public concerns about traffic congestion across the city:

They’ll also hear that more than 500 residents in ‘inner’ West Leeds responded to last year’s Leeds Transport Conversation consultation in Leeds.

A report to be considered by councillors says the need for a cheaper bus service was mentioned more frequently by ‘Inner West’ respondents than others.

Respondents from the ‘Inner West’ also had significantly heavier criticism of the money spent on cycling improvements, most notably the controversial City Connect cycle superhighway which runs from Bradford through West Leeds and the city centre and out into East Leeds.

Here’s a snapshot of the survey results:

The Inner West Community Committee meets tomorrow, Wednesday November 29, at Strawberry Lane Community Centre in Armley from 6pm. Members of the public are invited to attend.


  1. Well this will put more buses on a 10 mins service they can not run to time on the number 16…. Hope they will consult the blind charities because i got knocked over getting off the bus on Kirkstall road where they just put in the cycle lane near vue cinema.

  2. Not just Councillors discussing this but the 9 co-opted members (including myself) who also serve on the Area Committee representing local people!

  3. I sent an e-mail to Councillors and West Leeds MP R Reeve, did not get the courtesy of a reply :-

    Location detail description Traffic on Armley Road is being stopped by the Pelican crossing. So much so that this main road from Leeds to Bradford is being brought to a halt in both directions. Surely some form of time delay should be in use allow vehicles through without creating large queues in both directions.Add to that a bus stop 20 yards past the crossing at the narrowest part of the road, automatically stops traffic because vehicles cannot get past.
    Any other details? No thought given to this by Highways or the bus company.

    Perhaps this could be discussed?

  4. I have previously proposed reopening the Station at Armley. This would take a lot of congestion away from the A647 corridor into Leeds.Having spent 30+ years sitting in the traffic morning and evening I would not risk leaving it any later than 07:30 to make sure all the regular bottlenecks have been crossed If there is an accident on the Inner Ring Road as there is most mornings at this time of year, the effect paralyses the city to the south West and East of the Armley Giratory.
    If departures from the intermediate train stations were every 7 minutes at peak times people would consider greater use of the railways.Why is there only One train per hour from Kirkstall Gorge StAtion? This lack Of planning to promote the use of a new station with travel price incentives would get people thinking about leaving their cars at home. I am looking forward to the day in July 2019 when I will reach my State Pension Age and can Once again afford to use public transport . But As with all
    Public Infrastructure projects it’s all down to finance .

  5. When we get a new transport initiative it always has the result of slowing traffic. Many of our major routews in and out of the city are single carriage way, ie: Kirkstall Road, the A58 in wortley and New Farnley, and the ring road from Pudsey to Horsforth.
    We complain of traffic but volumes are no higher if not lower than 20 years ago. We now have more traffic control (hinderance) with hundereds of new treffic lights and crossings across the city. The people who speed will always speed unless the police stop them. It is the rest of us that are punished for their actions and miss-deads.
    If government really wanted to improve pollution they would improve traffic flow, quicker journeys = less pollution.


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