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West Leeds: Green light for former school demolition

Council chiefs have this week given the green light for the demolition of a vandalised former high school building in West Leeds – at a cost of £276,580.

Hough Side High School closed in August 1992 and Leeds City Council has earmarked the site for around 76 houses in its Site Allocations planning blueprint for Outer West Leeds.

The building has had a variety of uses, and WLD reported in November 2019 that most council workers had moved out of the building, also known as Hough Top Court. 

Demolition has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but a council report this week authorised the imminent demolition of the building and the removal of all underground utilities.

The works would cost £276,580 and would prepare the site for housing to be built in the future.

The report – which can be read here – said:

“The work is required due to the building currently being in ‘void management’ and subject to ant-social behaviour and arson attacks.

“Demolition of this building is considered the most economical way forward for the Council, when considering there is no future requirement for the old school buildings. The site is better suited for the future housing growth project.”

A planning application for houses on the Hough Top site is yet to be submitted.

As WLD reported in November, an exact date is yet to be set for demolition work.

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  1. Except… it has not been vandalised. And was being used as recently as last weekend as a Police Dog Training Centre.

    If they put it up for sale now, as is, the developer will have to cover the demolition costs, not the council.

    How many years worth of maintenance and security costs would be covered by the same £276,000 instead?


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