Fish & Chip Supper Club offers lifeline to older vulnerable people in Armley and Wortley

A delivery of fish and chips, courtesy Armley Helping Hands

Words: Josie Armitage

Armley Helping Hands has secured funding from The National Lottery Community Fund to deliver the Community Together project to support people aged 50+ who have been referred to them via the Covid-19 Community Hub, their existing services and referral pathways.  

This includes a Fish & Chip Supper Club.

An Armley Helping Hands worker delivers fish and chips to the door.

Dawn Newsome, Chief Executive Officer at Armley Helping Hands, said:

“Community Together is a six-month project to support individuals who have been shielding through the Covid-19 period and who we have provided and continued to deliver essential support service.

“Our ambition is to develop an inclusive service that will reflect the aspirations and needs of people living in Armley and Wortley, provide personalised support and bring communities together.

“One of our ambitions was to establish evening services with a view to reducing social isolation and improving mental wellbeing. In partnership with our local fish shop – Clarkies Traditional Fisheries – we are offering older people access to a fish and chip delivery service every Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday and Thursday evening from 5pm on a fortnightly rota. The older person receives a hot portion of fish and chips and mushy peas for £4 and bubbly banter and smiling eyes from our team.”

In the first 24 hours of advertising the Fish & Chip Supper Club via social media, Armley Helping Hands had oversubscribed their projected numbers per week. 

To enable them to provide a quality service that meets the needs of their customers and avoid disappointment to anyone who showed an interest, they made this a fortnightly service.   

  • 16 older people are receiving the New Wortley Community Centre Supper Club every Wednesday night. 
  • 140 older people living independently in their homes across Leeds 12 are receiving the evening Fish & Chip Supper Club on a fortnightly rota.
  • 62 older people living in sheltered housing are receiving the daytime fish & chip delivery service on a weekly basis.

Dawn said:

“We are grateful Clarkies Fisheries’ customers have offered to pay for one of the Supper Club meals and we have used these donations to support individuals who we know are financially struggling, or older people who have dementia and we don’t want to cause additional confusion to coordinate a door step payment.

“The Supper Club is a vital support service enabling us to engage with our socially isolated and older people who are shielding. Our older people have something to look forward to, to break up those long days and the opportunity to speak to someone.”

To find out more, contact Dawn at Armley Helping Hands through their Facebook page.

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