Thornbury: Campaign for LS postcode to be discussed by senior councillors

sunnybanks thornbury
The Sunnybanks area of Thornbury pay council tax to Leeds, but have a BD postcode. Photo: Google

A campaign to get three streets in Thornbury a Leeds postcode WILL go before senior councillors in Leeds.

Last November the Sunnybank Recreation Group asked the Outer West Community Committee to investigate longstanding issues for residents who have a BD (Bradford) postcode but live within the Leeds City Council boundary.

Residents in Sunnybank Grove, Sunnybank Lane and Sunnybank Avenue in Thornbury currently have a BD3 postcode, despite paying council tax for Leeds services. They argue their postcode has lead to healthcare confusion and affected access to services.

WLD reported five months ago that members of the council’s powerful executive board had initially refused to discuss the issue at one of their meetings.

But councillors on this week’s Outer West Community Committee heard that the executive board had now agreed to discuss the issue – although the final decision over postcodes sits with Royal Mail.

Outer West chair councillor Amanda Carter (Calverley & Farsley) told the meeting

“It’s a really important issue for lots of people in our ward who have got a BD postcode. Simple but important issues could be sorted out easily, such as the doctor or emergency services going to the wrong addresses.”

Royal Mail, which makes the decisions over postcodes, has previously cited ‘operational difficulties’ for not changing. 

Campaigners hope the council’s executive board can put pressure on there Royal Mail to make changes.

WLD reported in December 2017 how residents living in Tyersal were refused an LS28 postcode by Royal Mail – despite being part of Pudsey Ward since local government reorganisation in 1974.

The Outer West Community Committee is made up of nine councillors – three from each ward. It consists of five Conservative councillors, three Green and one Labour.

Read more of WLD‘s Outer West Community Committee decisions here.


  1. Let’s hope we can regain our LS28 postcode. If Royal Mail say it’s down to Operational Difficulties that we remain in BD3 why and how was it coped with when the switch to BD3 was made!!


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