Third time lucky for wannabe Kirkstall flat developer?

leeds civic hall
Leeds Civic Hall

Plans for been submitted for a third attempt to build a three-storey apartment block on empty land in Abbeydale Vale in Kirkstall, writes Keely Bannister.

Mr Iradj Koohazari has submitted an application to build a block of five apartments. In total, one one-bed apartment and four two-bed apartments have been proposed with eight car parking spaces and 10 cycle storage spaces.

This is not the developer’s first attempt to build on the site.

An application was submitted by him to build a block of nine apartments in early January, before he withdrew the application after local residents objected.

The developer next submitted an application to build a block of five apartments with undercroft car parking in March which was subsequently refused by planning officers in June. 

A council planning officer’s conclusions on the refusal were as follows:

“The proposal is considered to have a significant detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the wider street scene through the unsympathetic design of the residential block within a constrained location which features a number of mature trees and an area of habitat.

“Furthermore the development fails to retain adequate space about the development to the boundaries creating an adverse impact upon neighbouring amenity through over dominance. In addition the development creates significant highway safety concerns with inadequate access provided. ”

A dwelling was previously sited on the land and this property was demolished to clear the land for development.

You can view and comment on the proposals by visiting this link.


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