Kirkstall: Abbeydale Vale flats plans refused permission

john illingworth kirkstall labour
Cllr John Illingworth

Controversial plans for a block of five flats with undercroft car parking in Kirkstall have been refused planning permission.

Mr Iradj Koohazari wanted to build the three-storey apartment block on a vacant site in Abbeydale Vale, which last year was the scene of local complaints about the removal of trees on the site.

Earlier this year Mr Koohazari withdrew larger proposals for a single block of nine apartments on the same site, following objections from neighbours and Kirkstall councillors.

Cllr John Illingworth (Lab, Kirkstall) said the new proposal was an improvement on its predecessor because it was smaller, but was still too large for the site. He added:

“The new application should be refused because it is exceptionally ugly and out of keeping with the rest of the Abbeydale estate.”

Refusing the application, a council planning officer said in a report that there were significant concerns about its impact on highways and on neighbours’ properties and added:

“The proposal is considered to have a significant detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the wider street scene through the unsympathetic design of the residential block within a constrained location which features a number of mature trees and an area of habitat.”

The application and council reports can be read in full here.


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