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Could these changes make West Leeds buses more reliable?

Leeds City Council are consulting on plans to make bus journeys between St James’ Hospital and Leeds City Centre quicker and more reliable – which would have a positive impact on some West Leeds services, writes Keely Bannister.

The plans centre on Beckett Street and Burmantofts Street which has bus stops for bus services 16, 16a, 42 and 49.

The plans include widening the road to introduce bus lanes and a segregated cycle facilities, using the latest smart technology to give buses more priority and change the layout of car parks to improve bus stop facilities, with traffic modelling of the bus lanes showing that bus journeys will be reduced by 6 minutes at peak times.

Comments submitted to the consultation so far have been largely positive with lots welcoming the improved cycle facilities, with some negativity particularly around the loss of greenspace and trees.

One neutral comment simply said:

“It is essential that consideration of the works taking place is planned. Any previous road works have resulted in significant travel problems and delays for ambulances risking lives.”

View the full plans and have your say on them by clicking here.


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