Kirkstall: Opposition grows against apartment plans

Cllr John Illingworth

More than 20 objections have been lodged against plans for a single block of nine apartments in Kirkstall.

Mr Iradj Kouhazari wants to build the apartment block on a vacant site in Abbeydale Vale, which last year was the scene of local complaints about the removal of the trees on the site.

The proposed block would include seven one-bedroom apartments, one two-bedroom apartment and one four-bedroom apartment.

Kirkstall councillors John Illingworth, Hannah Bithell and Fiona Venner have all objected to the proposals. Cllr Illingworth said:

“The proposed four‐storey apartment building is over‐dominant and totally out of keeping with its two‐storey domestic surroundings.”

Helen Turpin, from Abbeydale Oval, added:

“It would overshadow the existing buildings. In addition, the positioning of the block, in the corner of a cul-de-sac would give additional access problems for pedestrians and road users. Many residents already park on the road, and I do not think that the parking on the plans would be sufficient for the additional residents.”

Raymond Glover, of Abbeydale Oval, added:

“I am going to object against this planning permission on the grounds of insufficient
parking for a nine-apartment block with 13 bedrooms.

“From previous experience it is not practical to build a monster of a building where a bungalow used to sit and expect the road system to cope.”

The plans can be viewed in full here.


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