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Street drinking restrictions in Armley, Farsley and Pudsey set to continue

Restrictions brought in to tackle street drinking and anti-social behaviour in Armley, Farsley and Pudsey look set to continue following a public consultation.

As reported by WLD in August, Leeds City Council is reviewing 13 Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) which were introduced across Leeds in October 2017. A PSPO can last for up to three years but can be extended upon review.

All 13 PSPOs have prohibitions which do not allow people to consume alcohol in public places in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour. And the PSPO in Armley also has prohibitions to help tackle bins being left in the street for prolonged periods of time.

A council report released earlier this week gives the go-ahead for the PSPOs to be extended for a further three years – with the order in Pudsey now incuding the area south of the existing PSPO around Southroyd school and the ‘Parks’ and ‘Hallidays’ areas of Armley. The report adds:

“These Public Spaces Protection Orders are proposed as part of a range of measures to tackle alcohol related anti-social behaviour, and other issues of anti-social behaviour across Leeds.

“All PSPO terms and geographical ‘restricted areas’ have the broad support of West Yorkshire Police and Community Safety partners including Ward Members.”

Pudsey bus station measures

Separately to the PSPOs, Pudsey Bus Station waiting room is now closed from 6pm until early mornings in a bid to deter anti-social behaviour in the building and town centre.

The measures, brought in earlier this month, will last for an initial three-month period.

A sound deterrent for under 25s called a Mosquito will also be fitted into the bus station and used as required.

The scheme is supported by Pudsey’s councillors, the council’s anti-social behaviour team, police and Metro.

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