Stepping into Armley’s history: Help at Hand

The Armley Helping Hands organisation is commemorated in paving on Armley Town Street. Photo: Susan Johnson

For older people living in Armley/Wortley there is one institution they should all be aware of. Armley Helping Hands was created in 1995 to meet the needs of an ageing population in the area.

The problems associated with growing old, eg. loneliness, illness, anxiety, financial worries and stress are all catered for.

“Don’t Call Me Old”

The motto of Armley Helping Hands is “Don’t call me Old”. It is testimony to the fact that age is no barrier to continuing to live a healthy and productive life and enhancing life’s experiences by taking up a new hobby, joining an exercise class or becoming an active member of a focused social group.

Having had first-hand experience of the work the volunteers and staff did for the community during lockdown along with their many other commitments they deserve an accolade for a job well done.

Their daytime activities at the community centre off Strawberry Lane are numerous.

These include Tai Chi, gentle exercise, gardening group, craft work, days out and a supper club, delicious fish and chips delivered to your door. This is definitely an organisation that deserves a paving stone dedicated to all they do for the community.

For more of Susan Johnson looking at the history beneath your feet on Armley Town Streetfollow this link.


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