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Stanningley Road: spending approved for mobile speed cameras

Spending needed to place mobile speed cameras on a notorious section of Stanningley Road has been approved, writes Keely Bannister.

Senior council officers have agreed to spend £35,000 on installing the mobile cameras and associated works needed for the installation.

As reported by The Dispatch in January, it is believed that three sites were being looked at to cover the westbound carriageway, with a camera mooted for the junction with Armley Ridge Road, one at the junction with the top of Houghley Lane and – possibly – one near the junction with Armley Grange Drive.

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A council report released this week states that suitable locations have been identified but does not name them.

The report explains that the decision to install the mobile cameras “is in response to recent fatalities where excessive speed has been a contributing factor”.

Currently this stretch of Stanningley Road doesn’t meet the criteria for fixed cameras, however, the report states that “discussions will continue to be held with the West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership regarding the potential for fixed cameras along this length”.

The report concludes:

“Introduction of this project to introduce mobile camera enforcement on the A647 Stanningley Road will deliver a safer road environment, with fewer collisions of reduced severity.

“The proposals will go some way towards addressing local concerns in the Armley area, and support the overall objectives of Leeds City Council to make roads and residents safer.

“The project can be fully funded from existing programmes, and discussions will continue to take place regarding local desires for increased fixed camera enforcement.”

You can read the documents associated with the decision to award the £35,000 here.

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