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Stanningley Road: New traffic cameras will tackle speeding motorists

Plans to tackle speeding motorists on a notorious section of Stanningley Road through Armley could be in place by April, writes Keely Bannister.

Three mobile speed camera sites are to be created on a stretch of Stanningley Road with one at the Armley Ridge Road junction, one at the junction with the top of Houghley Lane and – possibly – one near the junction with Armley Grange Drive.

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The measures are being introduced following a number of fatalities on the road.

Exact details are still being drawn up by contractors on behalf of Leeds City Council, but the cameras will be able to work in both directions (going towards and away from town).

The ambition is to have them up and running by the end of the 2019/20 financial year as this is the budget the money is coming from.

While the cameras will be operated by the West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership using police vans, the infrastructure to allow them to operate will be installed by Leeds City Council.

Street furniture might need to be moved to allow for vision, and a platform will need to be created for the police vans in the middle of the central reservation.

A senior highways council officer told Armley Forum that it is hoped the cameras will help solve the issues of speeding caused when drivers coming out of town speed away from the bottleneck at the junction with Pasture View, when Stanningley Road becomes two lanes.

The aim is to create uncertainty on where drivers may be caught speeding and encourage a change in behaviour.  

The officer acknowledged that the community wanted permanent cameras in the area and said that this is still being pursued but the stretch as road as yet does not meet the strict criteria needed.

Forum members welcomed the news, highlighting the issues they face at the Mike’s Carpets junction, rat running, and the recent tragic deaths near the KFC.

In a bid to tackle some of the issues, community members recently staged their own Armley roads safety day where they monitored drivers behaviour and spent time educating people on the dangers of speeding.

West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership consists of the five councils of Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield along with West Yorkshire Police and the Highways Agency.

It aims to prevent deaths and serious injuries on the roads of West Yorkshire by reducing the level and severity of speeding and red light offences and to improve driving standards through education and enforcement.

Mobile speed camera sites are established following a high number of accidents and speed surveys demonstrating widespread non compliance with the speed limit. They have also been established to counter antisocial speeding when concern has been expressed by residents.


  1. Need more speed cameras on a58m in town……that’s getting dangerous….last few days I’ve been overtaken by drivers that must be doing 70 in a 40 limit. I’ve got my daughter in the car and you drive like that? I’m not a slow driver by any means being an ex rally driver but the law is the law people and if I can abide by it so could you…


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