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Review: Why Interplay is a grand little theatre in Armley

By Susan Johnson

The Interplay Theatre, on Armley Ridge Road, deserves to be supported by the local community.

It is here that, for a very reasonable price, you can watch both adult and family plays and music. The theatre is warm and friendly and offers a limited bar and snacks.

One such recent play was A Very Odd Birthday Party by Hannah Donelon, long-listed for the Women’s prize for play writing.

The play centres around the birthday of Michael Mariarty, an Irish immigrant who came to England in the fifties to seek work. 

Superbly acted and told with an underlying sense of humour it includes themes of destruction, dementia and self-analysis. As the play unfolded it became ever more thought-provoking.

The next productions at the theatre have a Christmas theme, Cinderella, and Whisker’s First Winter. Why not take the family? You will not be disappointed.

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