Mark’s history: Meet Rev Samuel Marsden, the ‘flogging parson’


In his third local history column, MARK STEVENSON looks at Farsley-born Samuel Marsden, the first person to ship wool to England from Australia…

What have Farsley, Armley and Botany Bay all got in common? That would be Rev Samuel Marsden – also known as the Flogging Parson because of his avid use of flogging as a punishment during his time as a magistrate in Sydney Australia.

When Marsden was not overseeing his spiritual flock he was overseeing his growing flock of sheep.

This plaque marks Samuel Marsden’s achievements.

In 1807, hoping to find a better use for all the wool that was going to waste, he sent a shipment back to England from Botany Bay.

Botany Bay – near Armley Mills?

When it arrived in Leeds it was off-loaded on the Wharves near Armley Mills. Today the area is known as Botany Bay.






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