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Residents call for end to Armley speeding nightmare

Armley residents are renewing calls for action to stop drivers using streets as ’80 miles an hour’ racetracks.

Concerned residents have taken to Facebook to voice their concerns – barely a week after The Dispatch reported similar concerns about speeding in the Hall Lane and Wesley Road area.

But the problem seems to be affecting other areas of Armley, with some residents sayign the problem is getting worse.

Resident Lucie Bradley said on Facebook:

“Some cars that go up Armley Ridge Road at night time are going scary scary speeds, I mean like more than 80mph!! And it’s happening every night.

“It terrifies me when I hear them zoom past and we need to stop it before something really tragic happens.”

Other residents have pointed to speeding on Armley Town Street itself and called for it to be pedestrianised.

Another added:

“I am sick of quad bikes belting up and down. There is going to be a serious accident and it’s the innocent who will be killed.”

Police said at a recent Armley Forum meeting that they would visit local residents affected by the issue and start to investigate the problems.

They say residents can also call police on 101 to report problems, or contact the Inner West Community Policing Team at


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