Rejuvenation of Pudsey green space completed


A strip of neglected land in the middle of a Pudsey housing estate has been transformed into an informal picnic and leisure area.

The site, between Waterloo Grove and Waterloo Mount, Pudsey, was most recently put to use as a site compound by contractors, but before that was a piece of rough ground which people used for fly tipping and bonfires.

An action day, undertaken by Leeds Council and Yorkshire Housing Association, confirmed that locals would like a landscaped area that can be used by all. Work is now complete, including the planting of trees, fencing to keep the area safe and a mixed shrub bed.

Councillor Josie Jarosz (Labour, Pudsey) said:

“Not only does this get rid of an eyesore, the grassing over and planting really enhances the look of the estate and gives a green space for local people to enjoy and children to play.

“I think anyone who knew the area a few years ago would be amazed by the changes that have taken place with new homes being built, the improvements to council homes – and now this scheme.”

Funding was provided by local councillors and the Outer West Housing Advisory Panel.


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