Cycle superhighway safari: Mixed response on social media


Cyclists taking part in a ‘safari’ along the new CityConnect cycle superhighway route between Leeds and Bradford have given the scheme a mixed reponse on social media.

Members of the Leeds Cycling Campaign were joined by cycling infrastructure campaign group Cycling Embassy of Great Britain for a ride along the finished stretch of the cycle superhighway between Leeds and Bradford.

Cyclists took photos, measurements, and generally audited the route. Observations will form the basis of both groups’ recommendations for improvements to the route.

The £29 million cycle superhighway goes from Leeds through up Stanningley Road, through Stanningley, up to Dawsons Corner, thorugh Thornbury and into Bradford. Its aim is to encourage more people to take up cycling, improve their health and reduce traffic congestion.

But cyclists gave it a mixed response on their ‘cycle safari’. Here are some of their Tweets:

There was particular comment on how the cycle superhighway performs in Stanningley:

The second section of the cycle superhighway, from Leeds to Seacroft, is due to open soon.

What do you think of the cycle superhighway? Have your say in the comments below.


  1. I walked the route from Bramley to Pudsey the other day and mainly agree with these points. As a cyclist I feel a bit embarassed with it. I never had much problem with what was there previously, and now motorists are going to resent the cycle path and the cost of it.

  2. I have cycled from my home in Armley to my place of work just off Dick Lane in Bradford and back every day for the last 2-3 years. I had high hopes for this cycle lane, as most of my daily route could have been improved!

    I have found that many junctions have been configured such that cyclists on the cycle lane have to give way, so when I’m using the cycle lane I choose to drop back on to the road for most junctions to ensure I have right of way.

    Debris is an issue at the Owlcotes roundabout and approaching Thornbury roundabout, and I’ve already seen two separate incidents where glass has been broken and strewn across the cycle lane.

    The surface is far more uneven on the cycle path than on the road, my bell gently rings to itself while I use much of it!

    Cars parked on the cycle lane, cyclists using the cycle lane on the wrong side of the road, and pedestrians using it as an extended pavement are constant obstacles, and are the reason I fitted the aforementioned bell.

    This morning I cycled up from Wickes on the Ring Road to Pudsey, exploring a route which avoids the cycle superhighway, and a acquaintance is now cycling up to Tong to avoid it!

    Although on the whole I find using the cycle lane slows me down, on occasion when heading from Owlcotes roundabout to Stanningley Bottoms I’m able to pass slow-moving traffic. Only, I learned a couple of years ago what happens when you pass slower-moving traffic on the left, when a car turned left without signalling and left me on crutches for two months.

    My commute to work was safer before the cycle lane was built.


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