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Redcote Lane: 160 apartments proposed for Jump Arena trampoline site – UPDATED

A development of approximately 160 apartments at the Jump Arena trampoline site on Redcote Lane and a new footbridge over the River Aire are being proposed, writes Keely Bannister.

The plans would see the current building demolished and 60 x 1 bed, 84 x 2 bed and 16 x 3 bed apartments built across five blocks with 155 car parking spaces provided.

Documentation submitted to support the plans shows that each block would be made up of a mix of the different-sized apartments.

Apartments would have an open plan living and kitchen, with bedrooms and bathrooms being separate. 

Applicant Mr H Albazie (on behalf of Morouj UK Ltd) has submitted an outline planning application which seeks a decision on whether the general plan proposed – such as the scale of the build and the nature of what is proposed – is acceptable. The only thing needing to be agreed in detail at this point is access to the development.

If an outline application is approved, a detailed application – featuring the exact design of the residential units and what materials will be used in the construction – will have to be submitted and approved before work can start.

Redcote Lane, near the proposed site. Photo: Google

Access to the site would be via the existing two points on Redcote Lane. These would both be improved to cater for increased vehicle movements, with the adding of footways for pedestrians.

In addition, a segregated footpath for pedestrians and cyclists would be built to run alongside the current bridge crossing over the River Aire – which would be retained for motorised vehicles – with documents stating the addition would be a “highly significant benefit to the local community and user of the surrounding land uses”.

A transport assessment states that the “Redcote Lane / A65 Kirkstall Road / Haddon Place … junction [which leads to the development site] is operating within the junction’s capacity”, before concluding:

“The impact of the development‐generated traffic on the surrounding area has been shown to be negligible with minimal additional queuing and delay. It is therefore concluded that the development  proposals could be accommodated without resulting in a significant detrimental impact upon the surrounding highway network. 

“Overall it is considered that the site is in a highly sustainable location for the proposed residential  development and that there are no overriding highways or transport reasons that should prevent the granting of planning consent for the proposals.”

On the risk of flooding, the application states:

“The approach to the development of the site is for individual blocks, all with residential accommodation to upper floors and with parking at ground level within an undercroft.    

“Extensive soft landscape areas are incorporated, greatly reducing the extent of hardstanding areas that currently exist on the site. Much of the landscape space is given over to a central communal amenity space between the buildings providing positive outlook and a quality setting. To the south of the site in land occupied by former tennis courts, area is given over for inclusion within the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme Phase 2  as a ‘flood expansion zone’.

“As noted on our proposals, this area provides the opportunity for positive public open space with connections back into the development site and to the existing public footpath route which runs parallel to the River Aire, within the ownership of the applicant and which will be improved as part of the proposals.”

UPDATE 22/1/20: It’s today been confirmed that Jump Arena has now ceased trading.

The application can be viewed and commented upon here.


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