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Can you be a ‘founder funder’ for Kirkstall Valley Farm?

Campaigners behind a bid to raise £20,000 towards a new community-run farm in the Kirkstall Valley have called for 20 ‘founder funders’ to help them reach their target.

Kirkstall Valley Development Trust (KVDT) says it has less than two weeks to reach its £20,000 target – but it’s still £5,000 short.

They’re anxious to reach their target as every pound people give will be doubled by an unnamed local benefactor, meaning there is a chance to raise £40,000.

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Chris Hill, from KVDT, said:

“£40,000 will buy the equipment, polytunnels, storage and social structures that we need. It will put the launch of the Farm on a really secure footing.

“More people have supported the Crowdfunder than we expected – 140 so far – but most donations have been for membership (£24) or less.

“We fully understand money is tight and membership and support is what we value most. We want more of you. But the reality is we will not reach our target unless about 20 people are able to step up to give the £200 or more that makes them a Founder Funder.

“It’s a big ask, but it’s a fantastic local initiative that will pay back to the community for years to come.”

People can donate here.

A farm walk and talk will be held at 10am on Saturday, 25th January, starting at Unit 11 on the retail park. Register here

As previously reported, Leeds City Council has agreed to lease the 16-acre farm and allotments to the community for a minimum of five years from April at an affordable rent.

The farm will supply fresh veg to local residents, host community and education projects and be a social focus for the whole of Kirkstall Valley. There are also a set of allotments where organic growers are welcome.

KVDT is hoping to buy a tractor, equipment, polytunnels, green manure seed, toilets, a collection hut and social area and making the site secure. By the end of 2020 they want to be gearing up for full production.

Kirkstall Valley Development Trust is a community benefit society set up in 2016 to develop a learning and leisure park over 200 acres of inner West Leeds and to refurbish Abbey Mills in Kirkstall for housing and community use.


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